Church Training Center offers several solutions for churches to address their finance and governance issues.  We offer consulting and coaching for churches to help them determine the vision God has for them and the best way to manage their financial resources.  We provide online training to help church leadership become empowered in their roles.  We also work with congregations in specific areas of finance, providing accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, and coaching specific to financial policies and procedures.

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Church Training Center offers coaching and consulting packages and training for church leaders in the areas of governance and finance.  Stop struggling to get your team on board with a vision for the future.  Let us help your team to see their role and a way forward.

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Church Training Center offers several online courses and webinars for church leaders, both staff and volunteers, to empower you to effectively lead your congregation.  Gain confidence in your own abilities!  Learn best practices!  Avoid pitfalls!


Church Training Center offers CFO Level accounting for the church.  Stop struggling to keep up with current rules and regulations and let us take over this task so you can focus on ministry.

Keith is an experienced, visionary leader. He has the uncanny capacity to translate mission into strategy, keep track of details without losing sight of the big picture and build consensus. Keith has been a trusted counselor in the area of mission, finances, and organizational systems. He is passionate about what he does. He has been instrumental in developing a new working model for our board of directors. I know few people who have a better understanding finances and their integration of the overall mission of an organization. I highly recommend him to any organization. I base this recommendation on his intelligence, experience, knowledge, commitment, integrity, and honesty.

Rev. Felix C. Villanueva, CEO & Conference Minister, United Church of Christ in Southern California & Nevada

Whenever our church has questions regarding how to better manage our finances, establish financial procedures, or develop our vision for responsible stewardship, Keith is our go-to consultant. We are eternally grateful for the expertise that Keith brought when we went through a staff transition and were without a bookkeeper for 6 weeks. Keith literally kept us afloat by coaching us on how to deposit all our checks for income and write checks to pay our bills. If you are reading this because you know that your organization needs help with its finances, don’t hesitate- call Keith and move from uncertainty to clarity!

! Rev. Samuel Pullen, Past, Community Congregational United Church of Christ, Los Alamitos, CA

Keith helped us to identify the questions we needed to ask and helped us establish a sense of direction with developing structures and procedures needed for an efficient ministry.

Rev. Bob Wallace, Interim Minister, First Baptist Church of Glendale

Keith brought knowledge, experience, and a lot of heart which resulted in a clearer understanding and unified approach to UCCLM’s financial policies and procedures. With his ability to speak so others could hear transformation resulted. What a blessing! What a gift!

Rev. Paula J. Elizabeth, Transitional Minister, United Church of Christ of La Mesa

Our session yesterday was all I had hoped for and more.  Thank you so much for your patience and ability to track with my many interruptions with such ease, giving me the answers I needed (or felt I needed).  You can see the bigger picture and know where to steer the conversation without letting my questions derail your course.   That’s amazing, I think.  And rare.

Judy Mahoney, Treasurer, Fellowship Baptist Church