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Churches & Taxes

This nine week course will inform and empower you with understanding of all of the tax issues related to churches. You will learn about your income tax exemption, Unrelated Business Income Tax, payroll taxes, property taxes, donor receipts, quid pro quo donations, and more.


Employment Issues & Independent Contractors

Churches do not have Human Resource experts and often get employment wrong. The California State Supreme Court made dramatic changes in 2018 that impact every church. This eight week course will help you understand exempt vs non-exempt, employees vs Independent Contractors, payroll taxes, housing allowance, Insurance and worker’s compensation, along with the ministerial exemption.


Understanding & Communicating Financial Reports

This eight week course is designed to equip church leaders how to read, interpret, and communicate the church financial reports. This course includes one private coaching session with Keith.


Church Treasurer Training in 6 Months

This online course offers treasurers, both those just starting and veterans with 52 lessons (20 – 30 minute each) designed to inform and empower local church treasurers with timely training in subjects ranging from budgeting, to taxes, to compliance to deferred maintenance. This course Includes a quarterly Q & A call with Keith and two private coaching sessions.


Using QuickBooks Effectively

Receive training that will help you effectively use QuickBooks to manage the finances of your church: 12 online lessons and one private coaching session with Keith.


Chairing The Governing Body

This course is designed for Moderators and Church Council Chairs and will provide timely information that will help them define their role and impact during their leadership, ensure they understand the church finances, and more. This course includes a private coaching session with Keith.


Pastors & Church Finance

This course is designed to help pastors understand and communicate the roles, duties and responsibilities of church leaders, equip them to assist leadership in asking the right questions to ensure the church leadership protects the church resources and communicates clearly about the church finances.

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