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A Mastery Coaching Group for Church Treasurers

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Embark on a transformative journey as a Church Treasurer in our dynamic weekly coaching calls. Together, we explore mission-centric financial oversight, strategic decision-making aligned with church goals, and effective communication of church finances.

Tailored for new and experienced treasurers alike, our group focuses on legal obligations, robust financial policies, fraud prevention, and adopting best practices. It’s a sanctuary for growth and excellence, welcoming those committed to personal development in service to God and their church community. Join our online coaching platform, designed specifically to empower Church Treasurers in their vital role.

We delve into key areas essential for mastering the role of a Church Treasurer:

Who Would Benefit From This Group?

This group is designed for:

  • New Church Treasurers embarking on their journey
  • Experienced Church Treasurers seeking to elevate their expertise

Who Might Find This Group Incompatible?

This group may not be suitable for those unwilling to commit to personal growth and excellence in service to God and their church community.

What Does This Group Offer?

The Church Treasurer Mastery Group is an online coaching and community platform specifically tailored to empower Church Treasurers in their vital role.

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