Financial Fitness Packages

Our Financial Fitness Packages are designed to empower you to effectively lead the financial health of your congregation.

Don’t put your church’s resources at risk!

Ensure you have the policies and procedures in place to protect the church and the reputations of your volunteers!

Financial Fitness Packages

Total Financial Health

  • Good Governance Training Seminar for Church Leadership.
  • Fraud Prevention Seminar for Church Leadership.
  • Financial Controls & Procedures Audit.
  • Financial Policies & Procedures Consulting.
  • Budgeting To Inspire Giving Development.
  • Twelve months of financial coaching for pastor, treasurer, and financial secretary (other).

Financial Protection

  • Provide governance training seminar for church leadership.
  • Provide fraud prevention seminar for church leadership.
  • Financial Controls & Procedures Audit.
  • Financial Policies & Procedures Consulting.
  • Six months of financial coaching for treasurer.
  • Church Treasurer Training (52 Weeks) online course.

Lead your church effectively knowing your resources are properly accounted for and your reporting is accurate!

Financial Controls & Procedures Audit

Empower Your Congregation with Confidence in Financial Management

Are you seeking a cost-effective solution to bolster your congregation’s financial controls and procedures without the hefty price tag of traditional Audited Financial Statements from large Accounting Firms? Church Procedures Audit specializes in precisely this.

We understand that ensuring your congregation’s contributions are handled securely and transparently is paramount. That’s why we offer an alternative approach, concentrating on controls and procedures, to provide you peace of mind.

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Financial Fitness Packages
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