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Church Board Meetings Focused on God's Calling

May 9th 2024

5:00 PDT / 8:00 EDT

Join Keith, a renowned expert in church leadership and financial stewardship, for an enlightening webinar designed to transform your church board meetings.

Too often, these gatherings can become mired in discussions about buildings and budget shortfalls, losing sight of the church's core mission. In this session, Keith will share practical strategies and insights to help refocus your meetings on God's calling for your church.

Learn how to streamline discussions, prioritize spiritual objectives, and ensure that every meeting inspires action and aligns with your church's divine purpose.

Don't miss this opportunity to revitalize your board meetings and recenter your leadership on what truly matters.

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Topics Covered

What we will Cover?

Transforming Meetings

Keith will provide strategies to shift the focus of church board meetings back to the church's core mission and spiritual calling.

Streamlining Discussions

Techniques will be shared on how to conduct more efficient meetings that prioritize spiritual objectives over administrative and financial concerns.

Action and Alignment

Guidance on ensuring that every meeting not only motivates action but is also in harmony with the church's divine mission.

About Host

Keith Clark-Hoyos

Keith Clark-Hoyos holds a Master of Arts in Ministry, Leadership & Service from Claremont School of Theology. His undergraduate studies focused on Business Administration and Church Ministries at Simpson University.

Dedicated Church Consultant and Trainer

A Holistic Approach to Church Leadership

A Lifelong Dedication to Serving the Church

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Join us on this journey to financial integrity, where safeguarding your church’s assets is just the beginning.

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